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About us.
ReLove is your resale platform for finding treasures in the world of luxury bags and accessories. Discover collections from your favorite brands. Buy and sell legendary items with us!
We were united by deep passion
to fashion and love for unique wardrobe items.
This inspired us to create a brand specializing in the resale of luxury bags and accessories from luxury brands.
On resale you can find unique and rare wardrobe items.
Prices for goods from resale are often lower, which allows you to save money when buying quality items.
Environmental responsibility.
Purchasing resale products helps reduce pollution and promotes sustainable consumption.
We're waiting for you!
Start with us to give a second life to your things that are gathering dust in your wardrobe. This practice is very popular in the world. The resale market is growing by 45% every year. You allow your items to become loved again and earn yourself money for future purchases.
Belgrade city, Terasije street, building 5
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